Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sabbath Rest (Mark 2:27)

Kazakh Blue Steel

Urban Hip

Responding to James 3:6

UBUNTU: We are all Kinect-ed

Big Air

Enlightenment - Do Not Be Afraid

The light shines in the darkness
and the darkness can do nothing about it

Confession: I am an Apple Geek
What are you?

Photographic Venn Diagram

Jacob is a Lego-Maniac

Jacob and Noah love the Lego.
Still, however, there is no substitute for
the fun that is a rolled up paper sword.

When Cats Go Mad

Sweet Little Lacy
Looking Rather Stern

Incognito on the Internet

Lacy loves to read (or is that a cookbook?)

Taking the Time


Lynsey's pal, Anisah
Anisah likes Pink Gingerale (a lot)

Hannah, celebrating the upload of photos to Wal-Mart
(one of life's simple pleasures)

Joshua, about to make a sandwich with two buns,
one on the top and one on the bottom.
Live and learn.

Rinat Bieber?

Wondering if they still cut your hair in the military
and curious about whether that laparoscopic appendectomy
will keep him out of the Navy (since he now appears to have
two belly buttons). Maybe he can get into the Navel Reserves.

Get it?

Noah, I think...
Didn't they lock up the Unabomber?

When photos define you (by what's in your hand)
Grace with cell phone; Lucy, American cheese!

Annabelle's New Do

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Matthew Turning 22 on the 22nd

We had Matt's birthday festivities a week early
since he and James and Lynsey had to return
to places of higher learning this week.

A view from the Thompson Family blimp

He blew out all his candles like a big boy.

Luke, practicing being an extrovert

Zarina's response

(for the Thompson Family Portrait Gallery)


French Vanilla
Score one for France

C'était délicieux

The Candid Camera

Matt mostly got gift wrap for his birthday!
(oh, and also an Xbox Kinect and some games)

The Situation

The Truth

The Calm