Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hello and Goodbye from China

Yes, They Do Sell It Here...

Pretty Orphanage (4 of 4)

Pretty Orphanage (3 of 4)

Pretty Orphanage (2 of 4)

Pretty Orphanage (1 of 4)

Jars of Clay: Pretty Bird and Corn Man

The Wheels on the Bus...

With the Director (next to Dad)

Joshua Claus

Joshua at Guangzhou Orphange

Amazing Flabbergastation

A Visit to Guangzhou Orphanage

This morning we had breakfast outside on the patio of the Cascade
Cafe. It was hot but otherwise nice. The breakfast buffet was enjoyed
by all. After breakfast mom went shopping with the ladies while dad
and the boys stayed in the hotel room working puzzles, reading books,
watching TV, and playing with a new motorized toy with cool gears,
which provided great fun and also brought us all unexpected happy

We had a light lunch in the room. Mom boiled some water and made some
instant noodle soup for the boys. Dad had a peanut butter sandwich
with potato chips. we wnet to visit the Guangzhou City Orphanage where
we toured the facilities, met briefly, with the director, and visited
children in their classrooms. Joshua and Jacob played santa Claus,
delivering candy and small toys to all the children we visited. Then
we were off to the passport office to apply for Joshua's Chinese

After our visit there, we went for an early supper at a way cool
restaurant where a man was making clay figures for the kids, like
balloon man at Mexico Restaurant; okay only my kids will know what
that means. We had sweet potatoes smothered in sugar like a candied
apple. We also had many other dishes from chicken noodle soup to water
spinach to spicy chicken kebabs.

After supper, we returned to the hotel, downloaded some wonderful
Chinese music from iTunes, and played with some toys. Now we are tired
and will sleep. Tomorrow we take the boys for medical appointments on
Shiamen Island. Hopefully they will not need too many shots but they
will both need PPDs, requiring us to return on Saturday for the
reading. Almost July already. We should be home soon.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look! It's Godzilla!

Attack and Counter Attack

The Four of Us

More Bionicle Wars!

Hotel Room Bionicle Wars

Nicer Weather Today

With Mom Away, We Can Have a Crazy Hat Party!

Where's Mom?

Silly Jacob

Joshua with His Foster Friend


Dinner Out

Ann, Our Guide

14 Thompson Kids

Well today was the day and all went well. We adopted Joshua and now we
must wait while passports and visas are generated, then we can make an
appearance at the U.S. Consulate and be on our way back home. Joshua
Yue Jian and Jacob Shui Xiang are doing well and getting along like
brothers, which is good because they are. We of course had to take a
bus for 30 minutes to the same government building we visited
yesterday and then we had lunch on the way back to the hotel, with the
Reeds, McCormicks, and Jajehs, as well as Ann, Susan Song, Susan's
husband John, and their cute daughter.

We came back to the hotel and worked a puzzle, read some books, and
chilled out watching Garfield on Cartoon Network. Hi Noah!

I took a bunch more photos of Susan and the boys, as well as some of
the other kids adopted today. Enjoy!