Monday, January 30, 2012

Assorted Photos from January 2012

Annabelle, with friend, Grayson



James and Matt

Noah: Indoor Soccer Beast

Matt's Twenty Third

Quan Lu with Annabelle 
Ben Arancibia, with Jacob and MAtt

Rachel Follis and Kem Laothamatas with Grace

Kazakh Vistors: When Blogs Collide

Olya, from sunny Kazakhstan

Sam and friends

Carrie DeLille, from the blog next door...
We had a wonderful surprise recently when our friend Carrie DeLille
dropped by with Olya, her friend from Kazakhstan.

Olya enjoyed her visit with Rinat, Sholpan, and Zarina. 

Olya is a walking miracle. The last time I saw her in the U. S. was
several years ago when she was getting an MRI for a particularly
invasive head and neck cancer, which has now been completely cured.

Yes, you can say Amen. 

Blogs collide: