Friday, August 31, 2012

Annabelle's Birthday Parties

Party 1 had cupcakes, cupcakes smashed in faces, and a disco ball!

Party 2 had chocolate cake, ice cream, and a virtual mommy (via FaceTime on the iPad)

50 Years of Bliss: Will and Martha Hays

Happy 50th wedding anniversary to Will and Martha Hays!

Their daughters sent them to Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg
so they wouldn't have to tell their friends that they spent their
50th anniversary watching over half of their 25 grandchildren.

We Fit

Sophie at PT: Core Strengthening

Let's drink some fruit!

Fruit smoothies, the secret to gymnastic success

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables (especially broccoli)
has really helped Noah with his soccer game

A high protein diet has done wonders for Grace's hair!

Resting the legs; strengthening the mind.

Samuel, the Bunny Whisperer

The red sauce is the BEST!

Samuel and friends at our favorite local Mexican restaurant, Don Pedro II

Samuel with Sky and Scamper

Sporting News

Sophie the Gymnast

Hannah the Middle Linebacker