Friday, August 19, 2011

White Coats

The White Coat Ceremony, EVMS, 2011

Matt, with his new white coat

Truly Random

Enjoying a Cupcake After Work

Thrift Shopping

The girls went thrift shopping and found many items

Grace finally got the T-shirt she desired

and Lucy got owl pajamas, planning to stay up all night.

Get it? Owls are nocturnal, see...

Matt's New Abode

This body of water is the Hague in Norfolk, Virginia, where
Matthew has moved to the aptly named Hague Towers
to attend EVMS (Eastern Virginia Medical School)

Fouton Living

Matt's Desk, the Seat of Power

Grace, the Nurse

Grace is starting the LPN program that Hanover High
offers as dual enrollment with J Sargeant Reynolds CC

She has come a long way, baby...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer is Winding Down

Lucy, with iPad (and hair clip on nose); don't ask...

Hannah, enjoying the end of summer.


Grace's fish are cute.

Joshua is 15! More Cupcakes!

Joshua got games, ipods, and clothes.

Jacob got homemade ice cream brain freeze.

Chip and Sunny


War Paint

Planking with the Emus

If you like history,
Virginia is full of it.

Hannah is a Planker.

Beware of the emu raptors