Tuesday, December 27, 2011

And Now, Something Completely Unexpected

Mississippi Pecans

Pecan People (Better than Zombies)

Kindle Fire (Car Companion)

Mmmmm. Donut Burgers!

For your viewing pleasure, four photos of complete randomness.

Christmas Day: Portrait

We all had breakfast and then headed to a nearby church for their 8:30 service

Angels arrived and the glory of God shone all around them

We returned home and opened a few earthly items

Chinese checkers, anyone?

Two thumbs up for Quelf

These birds are still angry, even at Christmas. C'mon, man!

Skittles + Pillow Pet = Happiness

"Yo' mama is so old, she still owes Moses a quarter!"
Good thing Mosaic law forbids charging interest...

Christmas Chocolate!

New. Warm. Safety Orange. Rinat.

Zarina likes Kindle

More chocolate!

Christmas Day: Landscape

Luke helped deliver the gifts

Susan got some interesting gifts, like this fiery hot piece of candy

I have no idea what this is, perhaps a neon tribble

James, piloting his new RC helicopter

It attacks the camera man

then returns to land on James' hand

Many of the kids got the Kindle Fire.
Books were downloaded and the reading has begun.

Much delicious food was consumed

Nice to see so many cars return to their point of origin

Luke and Hannah are 15!