Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Search for Crabs

Catching crabs is serious business, as some of you know.
It all begins with the DANCE, an ancient ritual that yields
crabs in abundant quantities, if performed properly.

The crowds gather to watch.

No one sleeps during such a time.

Even Allen, who clearly just woke up.

This is how they are caught, kids.

This is a safe way to keep them off your toes.

This method is popular with the small ones.

Lucy has graduated to big kids, bipedal.

The Bucket begins to fill.

Jacob and Uncle Ed on a Crab Quest

Carson goes for the big one.

Joshua is a crabbing professional.

"I've never seen anything like THAT before."

Noah vs Crab: The Showdown Begins

Carson's pet crab "Jimmy the Wrist Dweller"

On the deck of Chateau Exquisite (PI 134)

Crabbers with torches

Platoons 1-4

The next few images were taken by some of the crabs
who carried my camera down the beach 1/4 mile.

The Return of Crab Company up the back stairs

Aunt Mary, dreaming of crab dinner

So that's what love is...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birds, Balconies, and Boosters


What a cool blog.

Catch me if you can