Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jacob and Susan on TV!

Wednesday in the New Normal

Samuel loves it

In his classroom

Wendy Malamphy, purveyor of dinner tonight

Better weather

Ham, green beans, mac & cheese, and brownies. Yum!

The "Royal Order of the Blue Washcloth Heads" is now in session!

Dusty Kisses

Dusty the Horse, Ronald McDonald House

Jacob with Dusty the horse at Ronald McDonald House

Jacob and friends 


James, pre-haircut, talking to me at work.
No. I don't work at McDonald's drive-through.

Lucy let Sophie wear her competition leo. Cute!

A rare glimpse of the sky between rains.
Note the Apple logo in the top left sky.
Grace (with sporty new reading glasses) and Samuel

Cantonese Dreams

Mary and Allen

He is called Christian

Six out of nine Neals, Guangzhou, Guangdong

Christian, Madison, Will Will

Kisses for Mama

Meanwhile, in a land 12 hours ahead and 2000 years behind, Mary and Allen Neal, of Springfield, Missouri, have added a seventh child to their warm and loving family: Christian Neal. if you think this is a cause for prayer, Christian, kneel.

Ronald McDonald House, Amplatz Children's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN

Accommodations with skylight and loft

Common area with movie on the flat screen

Jacob and friends watching Madagascar 3

One of the many kitchens

Yummy cupcakes and goodies

View of the playground from the kitchen window

Endless supplies of Girl Scout cookies

Madagascar 3 slap bracelets

Sophie likes the bracelets

Noah likes mom's sweet hat

The house has many amenities and pleasant distractions

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Reality Blogging: Sock Party!

One of the simple joys in life: finding a match

These matchmakers were in full swing

Another joy: the proverbial sock waterfall

Sophie was in charge of socks with pink stripes

I am pretty stinkin' adorable!

Samuel was in charge of being adorable

I never said that.

Annabelle wonders if she should go in search of lost socks
or stay behind and look after the ninety and nine...

I guess you can have fun doing laundry!
So what have learned today, kids? 
Sometimes we are unmatched socks,
 waiting patiently for the return of the one.

Memorial Day 2012

Where are the other girls?

I think you were supposed to drop it BEHIND me...

No holiday is complete without a gymnastics routine

Even Samuel was getting in on the fun


Beth Givens called on Memorial Day to see what we were up to. Not sure. I had been on call on Saturday and Sunday and now that I had Monday off, I hadn't the foggiest idea how to enjoy it. I knew we needed to eat lunch and, with the massive amounts of food my church friends had provided, I was sure we could reheat some leftovers. I check the three fridges. Unbelievable! Virtually all of the food had been eaten by wolves (aka teenagers) so I figure I will reheat some of the three pizzas I bought last night. Inconceivable! Only two slices left. Beth says not to worry and shows up a while later with lunch for everyone: chicken, baked beans, potato salad, chips, and "Salsa Lady" salsa. Divine intervention, Yes, it was.

Beth's girls also brought us some homemade cupcakes with caramel icing, a tribute to Susan because "this was the last thing Mrs. Susan made for us before she had to leave town, and they were delicious!" These tribute cupcakes were pretty tasty. too. They gave us all a reason to smile.

Where's Mom?

This is a fun game Samuel likes to play.
He gets in mom's bed and hides behind the pillows.
Or perhaps he is still searching for mom.
Either way it is pretty darn cute.