Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities: Minneapolis

Chemo Duck, with head scarf

A bucket of fun, courtesy of the Minnesota Twins

Keeping his central line dry

A cute little pouch to keep your lines corralled

Nice of Ronald to let Susan and Jacob stay at his house...

The playground at the Ronald McDonald House

Jacob and Susan love getting mail

Ronald McDonald House
621 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Elementary kids sang the anthem at the ball game

Jacob got to sit in the manger's VIP box
to watch the Twins get hammered by Detroit today

That Prince Fielder is awesome; too bad he is on the other team

Susan likes Target!

A ray of hope for MN, Morneau's solo HR in the 2nd inning

Reality Blogging
The carnage of Jacob Thompson's nosebleed, reminiscent of what
Jacob the patriarch may have seen when his sons brought him
Joseph's coat of many colors after "the incident in the field"

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, Susan and Jacob went to the Twins game after a long week of medical testing, central line placement, bone marrow biopsies, massive nose bleeds, and subsequent transfusions. They had fun but the Twins got clobbered. They played like they had "old man blood."

Be sure to follow his progress on Caring Bridge.

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