Friday, July 1, 2011

Toots and Paw Paw: 50 Years!

This scene brings back memories of ski boats and laughter.

Toots (aka Mom)

Paw Paw (aka Dad)

Thompson House, Guntersville, Alabama

Walking Cape, the youngest of their three Scotties

Cape is a Goose herder. These belong in the lake.

The damage from all the tornadoes is still quite evident.
I guess Mother Nature will do the clean-up.

My nephew Kevin Thompson, with Kayla

Oh, and there was a wedding...

The sanctuary at nearby Henryville UMC

The Bride

The Groom

Each gave a speech: funny and sweet

My brother, Scott, dentist, Fort Payne Alabama

My niece, Rachael Thompson, sang at the wedding
with her friend Mark. Very nice.

Kiva Jump, in from sunny Glendale, California

Spencer Turner

The Reception

The Cake: Dubya and Joy on Top
Cape Circling Beneath

Keith, with Nan Nan (Toots' mom) and long time friend
Emma Evans

Together Again
Andy Lemons, John Beard, and Keith

A great time was had by all. Somehow I escaped without photos of Dale Windle or Elana and Xan Ingram. Hopefully someone else will e-mail me some of their pictures from the reception.

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