Saturday, April 22, 2006


In May,2004, we encountered Zarina in Kazakhstan. She was living at Poludino and was good friends with a boy named Kazbek who was being adopted by Jon and Carol Kroll of beautiful San Diego. Zarina wanted a pink dress like a princess wears and this one seems just right for her.


  1. Kazbek (now named Casey) in San Diego wishes the Thompsons a safe, successful, and speedy trip to Kazakhstan. I look forward to seeing them and Zarina again!

  2. WOW !!

    You continue to amaze me.
    Bon Voyage. I look forward to following your trip, especially the photos.

  3. "God speed you"
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. See you soon!

  4. The journey has begun...we're praying and waiting for stories of new people, new and old places, and lots of love.