Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phase 2: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Today has been a very long and boring day. Let us tell you all about it.

We spent the morning packing and we spent the afternoon at the Notary Office getting multiple copies of all our official documents. The fun began at the airport when Keith was not listed in the computer as being on the flight. They put him in the computer but thought it might not clear security so they made him go try to get through security before any bags were checked. He made it through. Then Susan just had to check the bags and bring Sophie through. They made her check the wheelchair and it had be packaged at the packaging office, delaying them further. Keith waited and waited until they finally got through security and could have a quick snack and inhale some quality airport cigarette smoke before boarding the flight.

Sophie was pretty scared at the thought of getting on a real airplane but she bravely boarded and endured a most turbulent flight, which caused several adults to reach for the motion sickness bags before we finally landed, only 1 hour later, in a very rainy and cold Hohhot. Sadly, her initial experience of flight was not a good one but Susan held her hand the whole way and I think we can successfully convince her to fly with us to Guangzhou then Tokyo, then DC, then Richmond (a true test of her desire to have a family).

We checked in at the Sheraton and it is very western and super nice; highly recommended. We are about to head to bed. They are bringing Samuel from the orphanage in Baotou (pronounced BOW (as in BOW WOW) - TOE) to our hotel between 11:00 and 11:30 tomorrow morning when most of you will hopefully be sleeping. Expect some photos on the blog to greet you when you awake. There is no VPN access here either so direct blogging and Facebook linking remain out of the question.

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