Saturday, April 7, 2012

Somewhere Over China

Bingqingling (aka ice cream) at the airport

I am a radiologist, you know...

Last Sunset in Hohhot

Sophie loved the way the moon lit up the clouds!

Sophie did not love flying through the clouds, however.

We flew from Hohhot to Guangzhou with our new Sophie and Sam.
We had an uneventful flight after some delicious airport ice cream.
Susan helped Keith identify some breast lumps, even though he is
technically no longer reading mammograms. A closer look reveals
the inscription: INCENSE, BELIVE ME. That clarifies things...

We are now in Guangzhou at the Garden Hotel.

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  1. I wouldn't miss your blog for anything! I look forward to getting a good laugh. Those bags of whatever are too funny! Laughed at the pic of the torn up bus, too!

    The kids look so happy! Awesome!