Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jacob: Life in Room C4141

Life in room C4141 at the Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, MN

Chippie and Legos are excellent at distracting Jacob

So many different IV medications going in...

Cool lights surround the ceiling - way better than crown molding

Susan's chair and Jacob's monitor display

Susan's couch for sleeping
Prayer shawl

Nice how the blanket Carlee sent seems to perfectly accent the furniture!

The desk and the windows

The computer corner

Jacob's TV and the cool lights that change colors

Nauseated from chemo and radiation?
No problem. Eat when and what you want from room service.

The view from the 4th floor

The 2" binder you hoped you'd never have to read

FaceTime with the family

Pre-treatment pancakes

This little bunny is super snuggly

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