Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

Dawn. Halfway between darkness and light, east and west, squalid and picturesque, past and future, full of hope not yet realized, the forecast depending on so many factors. Kazakhstan changes each time we visit, always wealthier in finance, industry and technology. But always down the street (or in it) are symbols of a land slow to change. Today’s throwback came in the form of a horse drawn cart common on the farmlands near the village of Arkhangelskaya.

We are also halfway through a process; nearing the end of a three week trip to Petropavlovsk, hopefully culminating in a legal adoption on Monday the 29th. A second trip is in the future, hopefully a 4-5 day jaunt around June 24th. We hope to have everyone home by July 1st.

We spent this afternoon with Rinat and Zarina as Sholpan is still hospitalized (but apparently improving). We built a quite challenging crossword puzzle and played some indoor games. We had a doughnut break that was very much to Rinat’s liking; Krispy Kreme will seem like paradise. We created a “care package” for Sholpan including snacks, juice, a book, and a brown teddy bear. Svetlana will deliver it this evening.

Not much else to report here. We while away the hours eating meals and talking to other Americans, wandering out to the local shops, and occasionally visiting cafes. Today we returned to the Arabica coffee shop for cappuccino and ice cream. We miss you all very much and look forward to being back in the US on Tuesday.


  1. Thought I'd check to see if 11motion had a new posting.
    Glad to hear that Sholpan is improving. And to know a time table for when you all will return. So the three will arrive the same weekend we have pastoral changes at church. And I'm going to miss all that!
    When I shared with the group on Wednesday evening about her hospitalization Beth Coleman helped me to say her name correctly. Anne Magndusal died last week and the funeral is this afternoon - this is getting to be the norm that the Duke intern quickly get to help with funerals.
    Remembered the other church goodie - guess who is returning - Mr.Winslow - he told Mark last week during the covenant group and is ready to teach Disciple again!
    Reveille is a strange place.

    I love the cart and horse - think you might bring them home for this country living. Bluebirds this morning and did I tell you we have a deer skelton in the back woods - anyone at your house need a science project.

    Hope I have not written anything that will bring McDonald's after me - that was really strange yesterday and here I've been thinking only a few folks have access to the blog site!

  2. Actually, that farmer used to own a Cadillac, but then Al Gore visited . . . .

    I believe Oleg (Aleshka the Driver) has named that horse. (Answer at bottom of comment.)

    Glad to have your schedule, and so is McDonald's, as they will have a gaggle of lawyers greet you at the airport with a bushel of restraining orders lest you try to get any squirrel nuts through customs.

    It is not too late for Valentina to give a shout-out to Mr. Laiuppa, and for Zarina to do the same for Casey-Kazbek.

    (Answer: Stew.)

  3. P.S.

    Carol, is that offer of a deer skeleton open to family only, or can anyone put in a bid? Do you take trade-ins? What about leasing? Got anything with a little meat left on it? Were there tire tracks nearby, and was Oleg the Driver around? Are franchise opportunites available that Aaron may be interested in?

  4. A gaggle of lawyers? A GAGGLE!? The correct collective noun is a PRIDE. As in lions.