Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Final Entry. Great Day. We took Rinat and Zarina out to buy clothes then to a cafĂ© for lunch then back to the hotel for movies, basketball, music, and warm baths with fabulous hair products. We then took them to the hospital to see Sholpan and to take her some more clothes including her dress for court. Sholpan is doing well and was happy to see her brother and sister. We all were required to purchase and wear protective shoe covers for the visit. The fact that they resembled Wal-Mart bags and said “Thank You and Have a Nice Day” on them raised no eyebrows from the infection control nurse.

So long for now…

Keep in touch. Much love from all of us.



  1. Someone keeps trying to put a "protective shoe cover" over my head while I'm sleeping. The main suspect is Linda, because the bag says "Thanks for buying your vodka at Erin's Spirits. Clickety click!"

    Good luck tomorrow!

    Jonathan, Carol, Casey and Tammy

  2. Amen and amen. So happy to have a happy ending (no pun intended) to this three week vigil. We have been without internet since last Thursday, so were able to catch up today (Monday to us)It is my most ferverent prayer that you are once again back on American soil. Please, when you get your senses back, call your mother on her cell. Love to all and God bless America. t & p