Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006 (more photos)


  1. Did the director summon the nice young man who drives the car when she saw the pigs? Would need to see the follow-up picture (see May 13 posting).

    Is Iceberg Mall new, or is it one we visited two years ago? Any new changes in big-hat styles?

  2. Really enjoying following your blog-seems like yesterday we were there, especially as neither of you have aged a day.
    The days must seem long, with just one visit. Are you both going home and coming back again?
    At least Keith can do those crossword puzzles, which are no doubt a huge help with his anatomy studies.
    Our two little Petropavlovskians/Petrovians/Petropavians are thriving, and I've been showing Sean your blog-he's nearly 6 now.He put his special toys and books on an extra-high shelf and told me it was "just in case we get more children"