Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, May 15, 2006

Another really cold day forced us to stay in. Starting to wish we had brought a heavier jacket! Our visit was a little short today. Rain made the trip out to the Ark longer than usual. Of course, we are not allowed to stay past 5:00 so we made the best of what time we had. We started a cool glitter art project and then played Yahtzee while enjoying some Mamba (sort of like Starburst). It seems dice are fine, just not cards. Go figure. The children showed us their math skills by adding and multiplying the numbers on the dice. Zarina says math is her favorite subject and it shows. Rinat was very disappointed that we did not have time for a round of Crazy 8. We promised to try again tomorrow. Didn’t take many pictures today. Rinat did debut a new outfit to at least vary the photo a bit. Svetlana, our coordinator, dropped by our room on her way out of town and said we had to give her the names for the children’s court papers. She let us have about 60 seconds to decide! Rinat has decided to keep his name so it was really just middle names to choose. Forced to make a decision we came up with Rinat Brawner (Keith’s maternal great-grandmother), Sholpan Isabel (an Americanized version of their current last name, Isabekova) and Zarina Faith (which Lucy has been calling her along).


  1. Rain. Ark. Hopefully that assistant to the government official comes around to your way of thinking before the animals start showing up. I'm sure the assistant is going to like the name "Faith."

    You could almost see the thought bubble over Rinat's head: "Dice? What about a little Texas hold 'em? And to think I missed digging potatoes for this. Next thing you know, the cafeteria will start serving cognac instead of vodka."

    Keith, if you have the time and tenge, and it is convenient for you (only if you are at the market down the street from the Skiff anyway), could you please pick me up a couple of packs of Stalin brand cigarettes. Nyet important -- don't go out of your way to get them. The Virginia Slims the Tammynator has been smoking are just too malinki. Thanks. Have Linda pay you back; she owes me tenge. Of course you know that once you get the smokes, the next request will be for naked-lady crossword puzzles.

    How's the chicken roll at the Skiff these days?

    Tell the kiddies Shamu as been asking when they'll visit.

  2. Hello Susan and Keith,
    Well, it's the other two alumni from the June 2004 graduation class checking in, as we finally figured out that to post a comment we have to register a blog. And just in time it appears, as we are being slandered all the way from San Diego. (Jon, remember that when Jack goes quiet he's just working away on how to extract the maximum for his libelled/slandered clients....)
    Susan and Keith, your three children are just beautiful, and I don't mean just in appearance, though they are that too. Their personalities shine from their faces, and they look really lovely, kind and intelligent.
    I hope everything goes smoothly, and you seem to have got off to a great start.
    Hello to Kim also...we found their blog by accident and sent them a couple of encouraging e-mails.
    T hat's all for now, and we look forward to reading more. And Jon, call your lawyer!

  3. Ha, I beat Aaron to the punch posting today. Course, I totally missed yesterday.....

    I'm thinking some Vegas vacation plans are in the making.

    Don't tell the government inquisitor that the three kids have already been main subjects in a Christian sermon and they're not on American soil yet. Come to think of it, definitely don't mention you are good friends with a female pastor. Many people think we are just Satan in disguise.......

  4. What a wonderful way each morning to see new pictures and to hear about your day. Stephen did add you to his prayer on Sunday but at the 8:30 service he asked for prayers for Ellen and Keith Thompson! Said he did not include Ellen at the 11 o'clock service.
    Next Sunday I will be praying and will include you and think about you as James is confirmed.
    I think you all must have brought out the craft store - so each day I am wondering what you'll be creating next.

    Hope the new day will bring warmer weather

  5. Sorry it was a short visit today. We'll hope for my time tomorrow!

    And I don't know who the jonathan fella is above, but if you buy him that naked-lady crossword puzzle, you might as well buy one for me, too.