Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006 (part 2)

Today’s special was pastry with cabbage, onions and carrots. As we were close to finishing the assistant to the region’s government highest official waltzed in unannounced. This led to a very stressful period of being questioned by the anti-adoption anti-American anti-Christian mightier than thou man. It was quite a relief to get away from him. Of course, this will make court seem easier! We tried to answer his questions diplomatically but honestly. He was particularly upset that I said our children would be raised Christian. Not an issue I felt I could be less than honest about! Please pray that he does not try to block our way.

Today’s photos include shots made along the way to the orphanage. You never know what may be in the road. Today it was horses. The dirt road leads to the orphanage gates. The sign points the way to the village.


  1. Couldn't you have said you were going to raise them Methodist? That hardly counts as Christian, right?

    Be careful and stay away from politicians and overly-opinionated people. In other words, act like you're in church.

  2. Nice braids, Susan. Oh, now that was just an assumption that Keith didn't do them....

    Nice to know that people holding hard-hearted opinions aren't just confined to Christians in America! I will, though, take your prayer request seriously.

  3. Finally, the picture we've been waiting for -- one of Aleshka (Oleg) the driver (the side of his head, and his eyes in the rearview mirror), hopefully waiting for the horses to cross the road. If not, maybe the picture above it tells the story.

  4. Whenever I run into difficult people (and you can't swing a dead cat in this house without hitting one), I use one of three highly effective methods: (1) I pretend I'm Jack and go silent, except for the occasional outburst of "clickety click!"; (2) I pretend I'm me, put on my chicken hat, and do the chicken dance (ask Alex, the security guard at the Skiff, to give you a demonstration); (3) I pretend I'm Keith and start hollering in the language of Ong. But never, ever try saying "clickety click" in Ong while doing the chicken dance -- you'll hurt yourself.

  5. What a beautiful story--such beautiful children and what a lovely family they have in store for them. What will they love? Being Christian! Being American! God bless you and Keith. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I don't think the threesome know how to take a bad picture. I will call the guys this morning as they gather to touch base on worship - I am sure that Stephen will incorporate your prayer request in his prayer this morning. I just hate that a wonderful time together was disrupted by his visit

    I hope today brings only wonderful moments - gotta go this is Scott's wonderful day at William and Mary - strange not to be at church this morning.