Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Graduation day. Expectations were high for fabulous fashions; the boys in dark suits, the girls in school uniforms (aka French maid outfits). Alas, many of them opted for simple dark dresses, likely in response to the prayers sung out over the megaphone of the new mosque.

We had mixed news about Sholpan today. The good news is she is feeling better and should be well for court on Monday. The bad news is they will not let us go visit her because we are not her parents and “the hospital is full of germs that Americans are not used to”. So, we visited Rinat and Zarina and sent Svetlana to see Sholpanka who was a bit teary-eyed when she heard we could not visit her but was relieved that we hadn’t just abandoned her completely. We sent her some snacks and some crafts and a jigsaw puzzle. She is apparently getting some rest, which is more than Zarina can say; she was up a lot last night coughing.

Rinat seems okay and always suppresses any desire to cough when the doctor is around. Rinat and Sholpan both wrote documents to the court today saying, in their own apparently humorous words, that they want to have us as their parents and to have their surname changed and to move to the US. Our court is scheduled for Monday morning. We hope to be back in Richmond Tuesday evening sometime.


  1. Honored to be the first commenter today. And at 1:18, no less.

    Great news that Sholpan's feeling better. I hope court happens quickly, and that Keith can withstand the inclincation to be a wisacre and not tick off the mean judge who hates silly Christian Americans.

    We are sorry that we won't be at home to greet you when you arrive. We'll continue to monitor progress from Florida.

    I'll be working on new Squirrel Nut recipes while there. Margarita flavored ones will be the first order of business.

    Take care. Oh, and Susan, why don't you bring back a couple of those school outfits for you and Beth?

  2. Praise God that Sholpan is feeling better. I know it's hard not to see her, but I am glad that is the "bad" news. We wil begin directing energies toward Zarina feeling better and court on Monday. We can't wait to meet them in person.

    No maid outfits, please Susan. The tank tops they brought us the last trip to Chville are enough.

  3. I'm surprised Aaron didn't have the bright idea of dressing squirrels in French maid outfits.

    I'm sure Valentina just looooooves the fact that there's a whole bunch of sick people in her general vicinity.

    I'm glad Keith had the courage to snap a picture of the graduates this time. Last time his knees were knocking louder than Michael Jackson's on his wedding night.

    Wish the kiddies a speedy recovery for us. I'm sure they are plenty nervous about being left behind because of their illnesses, but I'm sure you'll reassure them before you go.

  4. No wonder they are riled up over you raising the children as Christians -by the looks of the graduation outfits, they are raising them to be something else. Our prayers are especially with Sholpan, but with all five of you that you can leave soon, with all the kids healthy. Godd's speed, koto - your ma and pa love you all. t & p

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  6. Beth asked me to leave another comment here telling you she's changed her mind and you really should bring home a pair of school outfits. She thinks you can both wear them to our next dinner date.