Monday, July 7, 2008

Annabelle Mingmei Thompson

It  is official. There is a new Thompson child and her name is Annabelle Mingmei. All the paper work was completed this morning and now we wait for her passport to be done and we will move on to Guangzhou to complete the visa stuff with the US Consulate.  She shed a few tears as the orphanage staff told her goodbye.  It was very sad quiet sobbing that led to falling asleep in the van on the way to the hotel.  She woke up fine and ready to play.   The game of the day is trying to get the remote control and buy some pay per view!  Next favorite is trying to gain control of the computer.  She is having to settle for coloring and styling her hair. That hair part is not so easy.  There is just not a lot to work with!

She slept great last night once she realized that we were all going to bed.  About three a.m. she asked to be taken to the bathroom and then she went right back to sleep.  We had to wake her up to eat breakfast before we went to the civil offices.  You must realize that you need plenty of time to eat.  She takes it very seriously!  Not a grain of rice goes to waste.  She has excellent table manners and is quite tidy.  After the large plate of dumplings, fruit, pancakes, pumpkin cakes, and rice and a couple bowls of congee she is ready for her day.  She must have an incredible metabolism!

Annabelle Mingmei likes to keep things organized.  She lines her toys up and puts everything where it belongs before she moves on.  She takes many breaks to go check herself out in the full length mirror, look at her bracelet, and redo her barrette and then pretend to hide before coming running back laughing.


  1. Congrats on officiality!

    She sounds like she has a great personality that will fit right in with the other Thompsons.

  2. what's that thing above her lip on the left?

  3. neat and tidy uh-oh she'll have a hard time living with lucy!