Monday, July 14, 2008

Out for Shopping

This guy tried to give me some lip but I called upon the power of Naruto and we destroyed him.

As a commemorative gift, the hotel provides "Adoption Barbie" dolls to all new mothers. The box sates it is NOT A TOY and is for AGES 14 AND UP. Adoption Barbie comes with a Chinese baby and 5 inch pink heels.

This is downtown Guangzhou in the shopping district, their version of Times Square, and quite bustling at all hours of the day.

We ran into our old friend Jon Kroll in front of a department store, doing the Chicken Dance to attract customers, much to the delight of all, especially the store owner, who is curiously low on squirrel nuts and Stalin cigarettes since Jon's arrival.

The shopping areas are very Chinese, including the ubiquitous KFC, McDonald's, and (not pictured) Pizza Hut.


  1. how can they have a KFC in a place that doesnt have a kentucky?!?! Grace couldnt even have that barbie! was the barbie for you or annabelle?!

  2. By the way, I'm playing a song called "Come and Get Me, Colonel Sanders!" on my little flute.