Friday, July 11, 2008

Confucius say,"...

Today we visited an old university of Confucianism which is now a museum. This is the entrance to the place and the entire place was beautifully ornamented.

Protected by crouching lions and not so hidden dragons, this building was once the site of great teaching on the pillars of Confucianism, like filial piety, integrity, loyalty, and the like.

This little dude is Confucius. He never wrote anything down, but his students remember what Confucius say, a common variable in major world religions...

This is just a hint at the serene beauty of the university grounds. There were many gardens and shady places and a generally good vibe, probably since fortune tellers had come in and recommended a slight angulation of the main path through the school in order to correct an apparent imbalance in the feng shui (wind and water) of the place.


  1. The fung shui is impressive.

  2. Confucious says.... LOL just like in our play!