Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Trip Back to Guangzhou

We took Annanbelle's first ever plane trip and she did fine. She spent the first part of the trip viewing her favorite photo album (Thompson kids take notice: You will not be strangers to Mei when she gets home because she has stared at your pictures for weeks). She slept through the rest of the flight, including the landing.

We are staying at the White Swan Hotel, a very nice place on a small island geared toward Americans, specifically adoptive parents. For our first meal, we HAD to go to Lucy's, where one can choose from such oriental delicacies as grilled cheese sandwich, burritos, spaghetti, and chicken nuggets and fries (Hey, Sholpan!). It is truly the first place we have eaten where Susan would have eaten anything on the menu. (read there was no donkey, no ox penis, no spicy snake, no throat, no ostrich tendon, no goose tongue, and no eel)  Annabelle had a platter of meat that she created from her beef and noodle dish. She likes the protein.

                                                       Hey, Tyler, check this one out!

Two silly Thompsons waiting for their lunch.


  1. did you show her any pictures of me without glasses?

  2. Congratulations! Hope Annabelle doesn't think all American women look like that Barbie doll! Safe travels, Rita B.