Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fun by the River

The river outside the hotel has lots of cool lights at night.  Annabelle really thought it was cool except for the fact that several people had dogs there and she felt we should run away from them.  She really started talking last night, unfortunately, we have no idea what she is saying!

After a very busy day it was time to chill for a bit of TV before bed.  Annabelle was under the impression that she had moved up to the big bed, but alas she was mistaken.  She whimpered a bit about having to get into the crib and go to sleep, but she did it anyway!  Smart girl that she is she has figured out that we aren't newbies at this parenting thing.  You might as well just go ahead and do what they say!


  1. Hmm....have you warned her about the dogs at your house? She and Abby will get along just fine.

  2. uhoh and chip isnt in a good mood today either he snaps at you when you get close cause were trying to make him go outside luke thinks its a mid life crisis