Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun at Lunch in Yueyang City

The orphanage staff took us out to a lovely lunch in a private dining room at a nearby hotel.  Annabelle ate her weight in watermelon!  We were joined by the other family adopting from the same orphanage.  Their new son is eight years old and a bundle of energy

Sights along the way on our two and a half hour drive.  It poured rain all the way back to the city.  Thankfully, Annabelle was able to curl up in Mom's lap and sleep most of the way.


  1. In your first trip to Kazakhstan, if I remember the photo correctly, they honored you with a fabulous purple Captain Crunch outfit, but China has really outdone itself by erecting (and I have chosen my words carefully) a monument to you, Keith (middle photo). Only yours are brass!

  2. in the last one is it foggy or do they have horrible pollution?