Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Her routine involves starting and ending the day with a warm cup of formula per orphanage instructions.  It's sort of like having a cup of coffee I guess.  Especially when you serve it in a coffee mug!  Someone asked how tall Annabelle is so here is a perspective shot with Dad.  Let's just say tall doesn't come up often when describing her!  The top photo shows her typical breakfast.  Yes, Luke those are potstickers and she does love them!  The next photo is the famous congee.  It is a rice based cereal similar to cream of wheat.  It is available at every meal and she always polishes off a bowl or two.  Perhaps she can transition to grits easily enough.


  1. she sure does eat a lot for such a tiny little girl

  2. she eats that much!well i guess she'll fit in perfectly here!