Friday, July 11, 2008

Shoe Shoppin' Good

Hi! It's me, Annabelle Mingmei. My sandals were in poor condition so mom and dad and Vicky, our local guide, took me to the mall to do some shopping. After trying on virtually every pair of shoes in the store, including some hideous red ones, I decide on some white and pink Miffy sandals, which I carried home in a very cool bag that no one was allowed to touch except for me. We had a good day at the mall.

This is me with my bag, before browsing the DVD collection and finding nothing of interest.

This is me, prancing through the mall with great satisfaction.

Back at the Dolton, I admire my latest purchase, Miffy wear. What a day!

Notice the bunny and the stars, richly ornamented, probably hand-carved, with dragons, lions and tigers engraved on the soles and inlaid with gold and jewels (not shown)...


  1. Those are sweet. I hope Daddy got a matching pair.

  2. did you paint her toenails?