Monday, July 14, 2008

A Trip to the Folk Art Museum in Guangzhou

This is the left half of a sculpture called The Storyteller. The raconteur is off camera to the right. Look at how attentive everyone is!

We went to a folk art museum today. We saw many fancy things but the most photo worthy was Annabelle Mingmei. Here she is smirking for the camera, not being a big fan of smiling on demand. She likes to run around and play peek-a-boo. There were many fine places to do so at the folk art museum, which is mostly outdoors and nicely landscaped.

I caught her hiding behind the stairs, so this is a REAL smile.

This is a photo from a game called follow me around the fancy garden.

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  1. well atleast she can run around i would hate to be dragged into a boring mueseum i guess a fun 1 could be ok