Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day One with Annabelle Mingmei

We finally meet little Mei Mei and she is adorable. She is very sweet and very good at staring. Grace may have met her match in the Staring Contest. She loves the photo album we sent her and she seemed to know us from our photo. She held tightly to the photo album at the government offices and at the supermarket (the Whacko Mall) and only put it down in the hotel to play with her new phone (toy). She is small (more like a 2 year old) but not really skinny. The orphanage director says she is a favorite of the orphanage caretakers and, as a result, is pretty much spoiled rotten. They brought her in a lovely yellow princess dress. Susan thought it might be an outfit for a dance recital but so far no ballet moves have been performed (okay I can't spell pirouettte). She looks a bit tired from her big day so maybe we will have some lunch and then a nap. More later...


  1. It's grace and i say you should tell her the second she gets home at midnight we will have a staring contest and see who will win!

  2. i bet it'll mingmei winning haha!