Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Visit to Yueyang

Here we are in Annabelle's classroom.  She handled the visit to her orphanage very well with the exception of crying when put down in this room.  Once she was told that we were only visiting she was willing to get down for a few minutes.  She waved goodbye happily to all her little friends.

This is a picture that decorates the wall.  Red must have been color of the day!

She showed us her bed.  I just thought the bed at the hotel was firm!  Annabelle had a corner bed with a view out the window.
The front of the orphanage was very impressive.

So was the lobby!  Had we gone no farther, we would have remained impressed.

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  1. MM and I think the beds in the orphanage are like the camp beds! me and Z had a great week by the way!